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Choose the Best Second Hand 4x4 Batteries in Auckland NZ

If you are having trouble in starting your engine, vsist TAHA auto for the battery replacement for your car. We can help you in finding out the root cause of the battery problem or battery discharge. Our replacement service is advisable even if your battery is working properly. So, you do not have to worry about the advice, or coming to us. You can come to us anytime, anyday for seeking the advice for your second hand 4×4 batteries

. New batteries perform well for 4-5 years, but if you are running short of money but want to go for battery change, then you could go for second hand battery. We deal in all types of second hand batteries.

Aftermarket 4x4 Batteries

Battery life could be shortened due to extreme weather conditions or improper maintenance. We have all the told that are required in testing the working of your battery. We have tools that could do the best reviewing of your battery and accordingly we could tell you about the fact of battery getting replaced. If you ever have questions related to your battery, battery discharge, etc then you could approach us online via online chatting/ watsapp or you can call us directly at our registered phone number.

Wide Range of Batteries of Almost Every Car and Model

We are having a wide range of batteries. You are free to ask about any make-model batteries to get in fit in your car. We have over every battery variety, both new and second hand. All our used 4×4 batteries are thoroughly tested and inspected.

We Have in Stock Batteries of:

Toyota battery, Mazda battery, Audi battery, Ford battery, Nissan battery, Mitsubishi battery, Subaru battery, Peugeot battery, BMW battery, Mercedes-Benz battery, Isuzu battery. We also have batteries of all the brands and their models of cars and trucks. You can find the battery for all the brands and their respective models. You just think of a brand and its particular model and we would say that we are having this model’s battery in stock. 


 There is a point in the battery, once you fill up your battery till that point you have to then stop pouring. You can fill the water using the cup to prevent the overflowing of water.


Yes, we also have second hand car batteries. You can rely on those batteries if you need a replacement. They are thoroughly checked and inspected.


We do not offer warranty on second hand batteries, but we do offer 3 months warranty on new batteries. Our customers are taking the batteries from us since very long and they have not faced any problem yet