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Used 4x4 Tyre

Second Hand 4x4 Tyres - Cheap 4x4 Tyres Auckland NZ

If you are not able to find second hand 4×4 tyre you’re looking for or tired of looking multiple tyres, but not found what you want, kindly give us a call. We have more than a decade experience.  One of our tyre experts will help you find the tyre you are looking for or help you choose a suitable alternative.

We have supplied and fitted tyres for thousands of satisfied customers. We listen to our customers thoroughly and are proud that we have been able to create a business that has been shaped by our customer’s feedback and their ongoing support.

Wide range of Used 4x4 Tyres

We are having a wide range of tyres and wheels. You are free to ask about any make-model tyres to get in fit in your car. We have over more than 3000 tyres variety, both new and second hand. All our tyres are thoroughly pressure tested and inpected. Also, we deal in multiple terrain tyres like MUD terrain, Highway Terrain, All purpose terrain tyres.

We are full of Aftermarket 4x4 Tyres of following Brands:

Toyota tyres, Mazda tyres,  Audi tyres, Ford tyres, Nissan tyres, Mitsubishi tyres, Subaru tyres, Peugeot tyres, BMW tyres, Mercedes-Benz tyres, Isuzu tyres. We are having the tyres of every brand’s model also like in Honda we have Civic tyres, City tyres, Amaze tyres etc. Likewise we have tyres for each and every brand’s model. You can find all the tyres for all the brands and their respective models.

Customer friendly staff

Our customer friendly and highly experienced staff will provide you professional advice regarding the tyre change, or total replacement to ensure your safety along with your car’s safety. They will give you advices regarding selecting the right tyres for your car. Their advice will be effective for you not only choosing the best tyre but also in making up the choice in selecting the quality and type of tyre. They will help you out keeping your budget in mind so that you do not feel overcharged.

We have the collection of BEST TYRES!!!

We emphasis on the quality of the material we are selling. We are having multiple second hand tyres for wholesale and retail purpose. We offer a complete range of quality of new tyres. 

No. These tyres are designed to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and thus do not offer a mileage warranty. However, your tires are warranted for expertise. 

These estimates are made by independent organizations. We do not test for rolling resistance. But, if the customer insists we can measure the Rolling resistance through SAE test procedure J1269.

No, tyre pressure is tough to judge on sight. Tyres can be well under 50% inflated before it’s noticeable to the eye. So, we recommend you to check your tyre pressure monthly with an accurate tire gauge.