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    Aftermarket auto-parts

    Second Hand Car Parts Auckland - Cheap Used & Aftermarket Auto Parts

    TAHA auto has the vision to improve the outlook of the car dismantling industry and to maintain a reputation for quality, guaranteed, recycled parts. With service beyond all the expectations, we are the actual name and the reason behind quality parts and the best supplier of recycled Auto Parts. We are the No. 1 company in auto parts buying and selling along with car removal in the contemporary world. We are the face after the thousands of auto parts replacements that undergo per year. Whether you are in need of mud terrain tyres for your new Hyundai or you want headlights for your BMW, we have it all. We give all the auto parts at the cheapest price, keeping you always in profit. O­­­­­­­­­­­­­ur members are located throughout Auckland to get the parts you want to the place you need them quickly and easily. You can be sure of the fact that every used car part we supply is properly dismantled, cleaned and tested before it is ready for purchase.

    There are 3 Major Categories in Car Auto Parts

    Auto parts are the constitutive part of the vehicle life cycle. It is not easily available as the original manufactured part but it is pocket friendly. So, next time if you have a part to replace, choose wisely and opt TAHA auto for choosing the auto parts for buying the new one or for the replacement.

    New Auto parts

    It includes parts manufactured by the original car manufacturer. They are expensive and procuring them can be a time-consuming process.They are available at best price from Taha.

    Recycled Auto parts

    They are also the original part but they are not new. Recycled parts are removed from the vehicles that are damaged or are no longer wanted by the owner.These parts are available at the best price.

    Aftermarket Parts

    They are parts of the vehicle that are not manufactured by the original company but rather are produced by the manufacturers who specialize in the auto parts and works well with most brands.

    Used Car Parts Auckland - The Lowest Prices for 2nd Hand Parts

    You are familiar with the many benefits of buying second hand car parts. They are affordable, readily available and perform as intended.

    Taha Auto Group offers cheap used auto parts for all models and makes. Whether you drive a BMW, Audi, Hyundai or Honda, you don’t have to spend a fortune to replace that broken part. Visit Taha Auto Group and get genuine or Aftermarket auto parts that work well with most brands, including yours.

    Car Parts and Accessories NZ

    Are you building a project car in your garage? The first objective of building a project car is building it cheap. And you can’t do that by using brand new parts. And you can’t stoop low to using substandard parts because you don’t want to drive around in an unreliable car. By the way, the same applies to your college car and daily commute car as well.

    Taha Auto Group provides refurbished, rigorously tested second hand car parts and accessories to help you save time and dollars that you could spend somewhere else that is more rewarding.

    Our Rejuvenating Offers for Used Car Auto Parts

    We offer 3 month warranty on all new parts that we sell or replace because each part is assessed for its quality.  If you face any difficulty with respect to any auto part that we fit in your car or sell, you will get a ‘No fuss’ money back guaranteed! We pride ourselves on our used car auto parts warranty, great customer service, parts knowledge and fast delivery service to supply you. We have a range of used car parts from top manufacturers including Ford, Holden, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru and more. We offer quality used car parts recycled for you, as good as new.

    Numerous Benefits of Buying Used Car Auto Parts


    The TAHA auto removes all the vehicles in most parts of Auckland and entire New Zealand.

    You should have no doubt regarding that. With a true love for the community and the environment,we follow all the principles to ensure eco-friendly car disposals.

    TAHA auto always try to give you services round the clock. We want to help you out with the auto parts purchasing and selling 24*7. We are open from 9am to 8 pm throughout the week and 9am to 4pm on the Sundays of the month.