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Quality Second Hand Seatbelts in New Zealand - Used Seatbelts for Car, Van, 4WD, Suv or Trucks

Looking for top-quality used seatbelts in New Zealand? Discover affordable second-hand seatbelts at Taha Auto Group – your trusted source for safety.

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Quality Second Hand Seatbelts

Affordable and High-Quality used Seatbelts Available Across New Zealand

Discover top-quality, NZTA-compatible used seatbelts at Taha Auto Group. Our seatbelts are a simple and effective way to enhance safety in your car, truck, van, 4WD, SUV, or RV. With options for both retractable and non-retractable seatbelts, installation is a breeze, thanks to our knowledgeable support staff. Ensure the safety of both passengers and drivers with our reliable seatbelt solutions. Choose Taha Auto Group for used auto parts.

Why Choose Used Seatbelts?

Purchasing used seatbelts is a great way to save money without sacrificing quality or safety. Here are some of the benefits of choosing pre-owned seatbelts:

  • Cost Savings: Used seatbelts are significantly cheaper than buying new. You can realize 50-75% savings off retail pricing.
  • Variety: We carry seatbelts for older, discontinued models as well as late model vehicles. Hard to find seatbelts are our specialty.
  • Quality: Our used seatbelts are tested to ensure they meet safety standards and contain no visible defects. They look and function like new.
  • Fast Shipping: We ship quickly so you can get your project finished. No more waiting weeks for a seatbelt to arrive.
  • Easy Install: Used seatbelts bolt directly into your vehicle just like new ones. No modifications or special tools needed.

Extensive Inventory of Used Seatbelts for All Vehicles

At Taha Auto Group, we take immense pride in offering one of the most extensive selections of second-hand seatbelts in NZ. Whether you drive a domestic vehicle like a Ford F-150 or GM Silverado, or prefer an import like a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive inventory includes seatbelts for cars, 4WDs, vans, trucks, as well as options for driver-side, passenger-side, and rear seatbelts. 

With models ranging from Mustangs to Civics and everything in between, we aim to provide you with the perfect seatbelt replacement. Don’t worry if you don’t see your specific model listed; simply reach out, and chances are, we have it readily available in our inventory. Your safety is our priority, and we’re here to ensure you find the right seatbelt for your vehicle. Plus, you can check the quality before deciding to purchase, ensuring that our seatbelts meet your high standards. Trust in us for seatbelts that cater to all your automotive needs.

How To Order Used Seatbelts?

Ordering from us is simple:

  1. Fast and Easy way to call 0800 110 396 for availability
  2. Provide us your vehicle’s make, model, and year
  3. We will confirm if we have the seatbelts in stock
  4. Place your order online, over the phone, or via email
  5. Fast, affordable shipping right to your door

We accept all major credit cards. Installation is easy.

Used Seatbelts

Common Replacement Reasons For Seatbelts

There are a few common reasons you may need to replace your seatbelts:

  • Vehicle accident damage
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Fraying or rips from repeated use
  • Faulty seatbelt retractor or buckle

Replacing worn out seatbelts improves safety and prevents injuries in an accident. Run down seatbelts may not restrain passengers properly.

Safety Tips when installing Seatbelts

When installing used seatbelts, follow these safety guidelines:

  • Inspect for any visible damage before installing
  • Ensure the seatbelt retracts smoothly and locks in place
  • Confirm metal components are not bent, warped or rusted
  • Check that buckles latch securely and release properly
  • Test that automatic locking retractors work correctly
  • Pull straps to verify they do not cut or fray

Periodically inspect seatbelts for wear and function. Damaged seatbelts reduce safety and should be replaced immediately.

Let Us Help You Save

Don’t waste money on high-priced new seatbelts. Our quality used seatbelts are an economical alternative. With a huge selection and fast shipping, we make it easy to find the right seatbelt at the right price. Contact us today to place your order! We look forward to helping you save on this important safety component.

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