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Used, Cheap Car Batteries Auckland NZ

TAHA auto is serving the Auckland’s and its immediate suburbs native people plus since 15 years. Our customers expect great products from us. The expectations from TAHA auto have always been really high. People are demanding and choosy when they come to us for any spare part buying. We have been serving the people with one motive i.e. their satisfaction. When we remove any car from any garage, or take any part from any customer we always try to give them the best. We always try that we should give the best that they would not find anywhere. We want our customers to come to us again and again.

We want that our customers should be regular to us and they should not deviate from Taha Auto, just because of our bad service. We always try to make our service the best. Not only the people should one to us regularly, but our agenda is that we always keep on making new customers. We want to serve both of our ongoing customers and our new customers. We are giving cheap car batteries in Auckland at the lowest price.

Our car batteries start at $35 (GST include

Prices for our second-hand batteries are:

  • $35  – Small Car Batteries
  • $40-$80 – Van & 4WD Batteries
  • $60 – Japanese & European Used Car Batteries

At Car Batteries, we offer a wide selection of car batteries at affordable prices. With car used battery prices starting from as low as $35 (GST included), we are your one-stop shop for quality car batteries at unbeatable prices. With over 20 years of experience in the car removal industry, we pride ourselves on providing quality car batteries that are built to last. Whether you need a car battery for your car, truck, or van, we have the perfect battery for you at an affordable price. So if you’re looking for car battery prices that won’t break the bank, look no further than our selection of car batteries today!

Used Car Batteries

We have the range of batteries of the following models:

Toyota battery, Colorado batteries,  Mazda battery, Audi battery, Ford battery, Nissan battery, Mitsubishi battery, Subaru battery, Peugeot battery, BMW battery, Mercedes-Benz battery, Isuzu battery, Toyota truck battery, medium truck batteries like Ford F-50 etc. We are having the battery of every brand’s model also like in Toyota we have Camry battery, corolla battery, Etios battery etc. Likewise we have batteries for each and every brand’s model.

We at TAHA auto offer free automotive battery system checks, free battery testing. No appointment is required for battery checking to ensure that you must get the same day services. We also offer our free automotive services. We know that you will sell the battery you do not need anymore. So, why approach these local battery traders who are giving you less, making more for themselves.

Extreme cold winters and heavy hot summers limit the battery’s lifespan, and thus these batteries need to be replaced after every three to five years. When your battery fails, there is a boost that will help you get to your desired destination, but it actually doesn’t fix the real problem. If this kind of problem arises or even persists, our team will install a good quality battery that is right for your car/truck. Our customers have always expected great products from us, at fair prices and a willingness to go that extra mile through that battery. So, we are offering best second hand car battery at affordable prices in Auckland.

Are you after used auto batteries?

We provide competitively priced car, van, and 4×4 batteries at Used Car Battery.


It totally depends on what is the requirement of the battery. If the battery is lacking out in acid, pour acid otherwise add distilled water every time.  If this battery spillage problem is occurring time and again then you might just want to buy a new battery.

The battery electrolyte is a mixture of water and sulfuric acid. The concentration of this acid totally depends on the charge of the battery; the more discharged the less sulfuric acid.

No, it usually does not happen. But, if it does then it needs to warm up before it can be charged, and then it won’t freeze again until it is discharged.

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