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No. 1 Car Wreckers Tauranga

Tauranga's No. 1 Car Wreckers

Taha Auto Group offers the convenience of selling just about any car and that too for the best price in Tauranga. Whether it’s a German sedan, Japanese hatchback or an American SUV, we will buy it in a heartbeat. We don’t ask silly questions to waste your time; instead, we evaluate the car on our own and make an offer based on its condition. If you like the offer, we’ll buy your car on the spot. If you don’t, we’ll walk away. But our offer still stands, and you can turn you car in anytime later.

It is this straightforward car buying process that makes us the number one auto wreckers in Tauranga. Looking for more reasons to sell your car to us? Well, we nod to every car that we come across, regardless of its make, model, type or condition. Whether it’s dead or alive, MOT-failed or totaled, written off or not needed in the family, Taha Auto Group will buy it for top dollar.

Auto Wreckers & Car wreckers in Tauranga

Taha Auto is one of the largest car wreckers in Tauranga, offering free car removal service to our customers across the suburb. If you have a car that nobody wants to buy, and it’s not in a great condition to be driven to the scrapyard, we will come to you to pick it up. We could buy your car on the same day, or we can wait if you’ve got a busy calender.

Our car wreckers will make the whole car selling process easy like counting to five. All you have to do is schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. As a car wrecker and recycling facility, we also sell genuine used car parts for all models and makes. Give us a call or drop by to check part availability.

About Tauranga

 New Zealand’s premium destination for business, international trade, and horticultural, Tauranga is the fastest growing city.  Its modern infrastructure is the driving factor of its success.

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