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Deregistered Car sell

deregistered car sell
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    What is a deregistered vehicle?

    When you hear the term “deregistered vehicle”, it’s natural to assume that the car has been taken off the road, or is no longer in use. However, this isn’t always the case – a deregistered car can still be driven, but it can’t be used for official purposes such as being taxed or insured. Deregistration simply means that the car is no longer registered with the NZ Transport Agency.

    Why a car might be deregistered?

    There are a few reasons why a car might be deregistered. The most common reason is when a vehicle changes ownership and the new owner doesn’t want to keep it on the register. In this case, the old owner would have to contact the NZ Transport Agency and inform them of the sale. The Transport Agency would then deregister the car and update their records.

    Another common reason for deregistration is when a vehicle is sold as scrap. In this case, the new owner would have to take the car to a wrecker’s yard and get a certificate of destruction from them. Once they have this certificate, they can contact the NZ Transport Agency and inform them that the car has been scrapped. The Transport Agency will then deregister the car and update their records.

    How to sell deregister car in NZ?

    So you’ve decided to sell your derelict car. Congratulations! It’s not an easy decision, but it will free up some much-needed space and possibly make you a little money in the process. Here are a few tips to help get your car off your hands as quickly and smoothly as possible.

    First things first, you’ll need to find a buyer. The easiest way to do this is online; there are plenty of websites and forums where people buy and sell cars. Post a classified ad with all the details about your car – make, model, year, mileage, condition etc. – and wait for interested buyers to get in touch. You can try Taha Auto Group Cash for cars Service to sell your deregistered car.

    Be prepared to haggle over the price. Deregistered cars tend to be a little less desirable than registered ones, so you may have to lower your asking price a bit. But remember, you don’t want to sell it for too cheap either – you’ll need to make a profit!

    When someone does agree to buy your car, get them to sign a sales agreement (available online or from stationery stores). This document will protect both you and the buyer in case of any disputes down the road.

    Finally, organise payment and delivery. The buyer will usually transfer the money into your bank account, and you can then arrange for the car to be collected or delivered. Selling a derelict car can be tricky but with these tips, it shouldn’t be too difficult! Good luck!

    What documents are needed to deregister a vehicle?

    You will need to fill out some paperwork and show documents in order to deregister.

    1. PROOF OF ID
    2. MR15 FORM FILL-UP


    While deregistering your car, you will need to provide the same proof of identity as when you registered it. Your documents should include a photo ID or birth certificate with a signature. The proof of ID can come in the form of documents such as:
    1. A current or expired New Zealand driver’s license with your photo that is no more than 2 years old. A temporary New Zealand driver’s license may also be valid for 21 days after the date of issue, but some temporary licenses are not considered sufficient proof of identity.
    2. Your New Zealand or an overseas passport.
    3. Your birth certificate 


     The only way you can deregister your car is by going to the nearest VTNZ or VINZ office (Vehicle Testing or Vehicle Inspection New Zealand). You have to cancel the registration through an authorized registration agent. When you go to their office, fill out an MR15 form with details of your car.


    To deregister your car, you must give the registration number plate to an authorized registration agent. When you hand in the plate, you will receive a refund of unused license fees and RUC (Road User Charges).
    It is also wise to hand in the plate because if you leave it on the car when sending it to be scrapped, the plate could end up in someone else’s hands. This could lead to many problems for you.


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