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Nissan Wreckers Auckland - Top Cash for Nissan Vehicles

Auckland Wide Nissan Car Recycling That Pays Top Cash

Get top cash for your old, wrecked, damaged or accidental Nissan car. Our car recycling team knows how to recycle any vehicle getting the most cash value from the vehicle as we follow the green principles of car recycling. The practice is so efficient that you could get up to $8999 cash for your old Nissan scrapped car of any condition. TAHA Auto does not believe in wasting any material retrieved from scrap car. We do not promote wastage of important things and parts. While dismantling the Nissan car, good quality auto parts could be resell to the other needy persons. All you need to do is call Nissan wreckers Auckland at 0800110396. 

All Nissan Makes and Models:

TAHA team will provide you with all the help and support you need regarding documentation and ownership transferring process. Call us today at 0800110396 to avail all the car wrecking and cash for scrap car services from Nissan dismantlers Auckland. There are multiple models of Nissan in market. They all are taken by TAHA Auto as each model is taken for performing the wrecking and recycling. We wreck all Nissan models like:

  • Nissan Xterra
  • Nissan Platina
  • Nissan Primastar
  • Nissan 350Z Z33
  • Nissan Otti
  • Nissan Clipper Rio
  • Nissan Pino
  • Nissan Kix
  • Nissan Pixo
  • Nissan Roox
Nissan Car Dismantlers Provide You With
  • Pays up to $8999 for your unwanted car removal and scrap car wrecking
  • Free pick up and towing from mentioned location anywhere in Auckland
  • Pays cash on the spot for your dull and damaged scrap Nissan car
  • Works around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without fail
  • Pays the best cash possible up to $8999 for all Nissan car models

No. 1 Nissan Car Wreckers in Auckland NZ

We are doing car removal and car wrecking business all around 360 degrees in entire Auckland. We are serving all the residents of Auckland and its immediate suburbs. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without fail. We have our offices and car wrecking yards all around the Auckland. Get your Nissan car removed instantly with our same day car removal services with free towing from your location. We are dealing in all the possible cities and states of Auckland. We are the No.1 Car wrecking company in Auckland Wide who gives top cash for scrap Nissan cars. Our experts will help you out with the paper work and all you need to do is collect your cash with smiling face. Call us today at 0800110396 to get the online free quote or talk to our auto appraisers directly to know the actual worth of your Nissan car. Being the top Nissan wreckers in Auckland, we try to provide with top cash for cars in the market.



No, your Nissan car doesn’t need to be running. We will pay $8999 for every type of scrap, broke, damaged car. To get a free quote you can call us at our phone number

We can provide the assurance to the car owners selling their cars to us within a few hours of their accepting our cash quotes. We try to approach you within 24-48 hours once you talk to us.

We pay at the time of pickup in the form of cash. If the vehicle is in your name and you have photo ID we will pay with a cheque, which is cashable at any national bank.

Yes, definitely you will be getting a soft copy on your email ID and in hand hard copy of the receipt. When you speak to the customer service person please tell them that you will require a receipt.

If you ever have questions related to your car, then you could approach us online via online chatting/ whatsapp or you can call us directly at our registered phone number 0800110396