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Taha Auto Group Launches Brand New Website With Their Renowned Services

Taha Auto Group Launches Brand New Website With Their Renowned Services

We are the No. 1 company in auto parts buying and selling along with car removal in the contemporary world. We are the face after the thousands of auto parts replacements that undergo per year. We are creating a new website so that we could help out our customers. The customers could easily scroll through the pages and check out the new services. We are communicating through the website about the procedure and services offered by TAHA Auto.  We are the face and the voice after the services provided by TAHA Auto. Customers can distinguish in individual services provided by us. We are majorly focusing on the auto parts buying and reselling and car removal.    

Buying And Selling of Auto Parts

TAHA auto not only purchases and removes the vehicles, but also buy and resell the spare car parts that are no longer wanted. If you live anywhere in Auckland and have some spare auto parts lying around your property, then we will gladly buy it. Our offer price depends on the type of spare part and its overall condition. Do not worry about the broken car parts; you do not have to spend money in fixing them because we will handle all of that for you and will give you fair amount against that.    

Auto Parts For Every Possible Brand

We deal in both brand new parts and second hand auto parts. The prices of both the brand new and second hand auto parts are reasonably cheap and customer friendly at TAHA auto. We always want to make you feel that buying the auto parts for your branded luxury car is hassle free and without any tension. We strive to make that all the auto parts are available fast, although sometimes it can take longer than expected, but that only happens in the extreme cases and not usually. TAHA auto is famous for their quality of products and on time services. Whether it is tyres, batteries, headlight, bumper or any other auto part, we sell it all (brand new or second hand).  

Get Cash In Return of Scrap Car

What if you give your rusty scrapped car and never get paid? Many local car dismantlers do that. But with TAHA auto, you need not to worry!!! You will get paid instantly on the spot. Our protocol includes thorough checking of your vehicle and once we are done with the checking and evaluating the actual value of your car, you will get the liquid cash within an hour. You do not have to wait for getting the cash. Our team experts will hand over your money once they are done reviewing your car and towing it away.  

Best Quality Auto Parts in The Cheapest Price Around Auckland

In the contemporary era, purchasing the auto part or replacing it with the new one is making sense. People and customers are becoming more sensible on usage of these car parts. TAHA Auto is giving the all the car spare parts/auto parts (brand new and second hand) at the cheapest price. This is the cost effective way of restoring the originality and love for your same car. Customers are more inclined towards selling individual car parts. We are buying and selling tyres, batteries, headlights, steering, wheels etc.  

Free Pick-Up Plus Towing Services

Some companies include hidden charges for pick up and towing away your scarp car. Their main intention is to make profit out of it. They do not want that their customers should get more money. We have the strict policy of following the rules for giving the payment for the car removal. Instant and free pick up will be arranged for your damaged and dull scrapped SUV/Car/ Truck. Our team will come to your place to pick up the vehicle and tow it in the towing truck. You can call us anytime (during day or night). We have operators standing by to help you seven days a week. All you need to do is tell us the type of vehicle you have, where it is located and what is wrong with the vehicle, along with the cause of accident and our friendly customer care representatives will give you a quote right over the phone. With service beyond all the expectations, we are the actual name and the reason behind quality parts and the best supplier of recycled Auto Parts. For further information regarding the car removal services you can either visit the website or call us at our registered mobile number.  

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