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Toyota Wreckers Auckland NZ

Experience Excellence with Toyota Wreckers at Taha Auto Group, Auckland’s premier destination for top-quality used Toyota parts. We turn your old Toyota vehicles into treasures, offering an expansive selection of reliable parts for all models, ensuring your Toyota runs smoothly for years to come​

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Toyota Wreckers

Toyota Wreckers Auckland - Taha Auto Group

If you’re looking to used parts or place to wreck your old Toyota, Taha Auto Group has got you covered as the leading Toyota Wreckers Auckland. We understand your attachment to your car and guarantee a fair price for it. Our process is quick and hassle-free – just give us a call when you’re ready, and we’ll take care of the rest. As Auckland’s No. 1 car wreckers, we ensure a smooth and efficient experience for you.

Specializing in Toyota Wrecking at Taha Auto Group

At Taha Auto Group, we specialize as Toyota wreckers, expertly dismantling a wide array of Toyota models to provide you with the used spare parts you need. Our used parts Auckland inventory includes top-sellers like the Toyota Corolla, Camry, Aurion, Avalon, RAV4, Hilux, Land Cruiser, Prado, Hiace, Yaris, Prius, 86, Coaster, Tarago, Kluger, Celica, Cressida, Estima, and Blizzard. These models, particularly highlighted for their high demand in spare parts, represent our commitment to cater to a variety of Toyota wrecking needs. Whether you’re searching for specific spare parts or general Toyota model components, we’ve got you covered with our extensive and varied selection.

Taha Auto Group: Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Toyota

We’re Taha Auto Group, and we do some really cool things with old Toyota cars! If you have a Toyota car that’s just sitting around, we can turn it into cash for you – that’s what we mean when we say cash for Toyota cars. Sometimes, if a Toyota car is really old and can’t be used anymore, we carefully take it away for you; this is called Toyota Scrap Car Removal. But that’s not all! We also have lots of parts for Toyota cars. So, if your Toyota needs a new part to run better, we probably have just what you’re looking for. We call this Toyota Used Parts. We love helping you with your Toyota cars, whether it’s buying them, taking them away, or finding the parts you need.

Why Choose Taha Auto Group as Toyota Wreckers in Auckland ?

Hassle Free Service

From paperwork to pick-up, we handle everything, making the process of selling or buying parts from your Toyota as easy and stress-free as possible. Our team is dedicated to providing a smooth, efficient, and friendly service.

Competitive Cash Offers

We provide fair and competitive cash offers for your Toyota vehicles. Our valuation process ensures that you get the best possible price for your car, making the selling experience both rewarding and satisfactory.

Extensive Range of Models Covered

At Taha Auto Group, we dismantle a wide variety of Toyota models, ensuring that you'll find the specific part you need, no matter how rare or common your Toyota model might be.

Eco-Friendly Wrecking Practices

Our wrecking process is environmentally responsible. We prioritize sustainable practices, ensuring that every car is dismantled with care to minimize environmental impact.

Discover Toyota Used Car Parts in Auckland with Taha Auto Group

Hey everyone! We at Taha Auto Group have something really cool for your Toyota cars. We offer Toyota Used Car Parts in Auckland, and guess what? We have all sorts of parts you might need. Whether it’s a part for the engine, a shiny new mirror, cool wheels, comfy seats, or even parts for the inside like the radio, we’ve got loads of them! And the best part? No matter where you are in New Zealand, we can ship these parts right to your doorstep. So, if your Toyota needs a little fixing or you want to make it look even cooler with some new parts, just remember, we’re here to help with all kinds of Toyota auto parts that you can think of!

Upgrade Your Toyota Today with Taha Auto Group's Used Car Parts

Discover a world of possibilities for your Toyota with our extensive range of Toyota Used Car Parts in Auckland. We ship NZ-wide, ensuring you get the perfect part for your vehicle, wherever you are!

Cash For Toyota Vehicles

Cash for Scrap Toyota Vehicles at Taha Auto Group – Up to $8999!

At Taha Auto Group, we’ve got a fantastic deal for you! Our Cash for Scrap Toyota Vehicles program could pay you up to $8999 for your old Toyota. That’s right, even if your Toyota isn’t running anymore or it’s seen better days, it could still be worth a pretty penny. We assess your car and offer you a generous amount, turning your once-loved vehicle into valuable cash. It’s a great way to make the most out of a car that’s no longer in use. Plus, our process is hassle-free and environmentally friendly, ensuring you get the best deal with minimal effort. So, if you have a scrap Toyota waiting to be transformed into cash, Taha Auto Group is the place to go.

Our Free Toyota Car Removal Services 

At Taha Auto Group, we offer an amazing service called Free Toyota Car Removal. If you’ve got an old Toyota car that you don’t need anymore, we can take it off your hands without costing you a penny! It’s like magic – we come to where your car is, take it away, and you don’t have to worry about how to move it or any removal costs. It’s perfect for when your Toyota is too old to drive or fix. We handle everything carefully and make sure it’s super easy for you. So, if your old Toyota car is just sitting around, let us know, and we’ll make it disappear for free!

Toyota Car Removal

Nationwide Toyota Dismantlers Services: Covering Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch

At Taha Auto Group, we’re proud to extend our exceptional car dismantler services across New Zealand, reaching major cities like Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch. Our specialty lies in Toyota dismantling, where we meticulously break down various Toyota models to salvage usable parts. No matter where you are in these cities, we bring our expertise directly to you, ensuring that every Toyota owner has access to top-notch dismantling services. Our Auckland base leads the way, closely followed by our dedicated teams in Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch, all equally skilled in providing comprehensive  best Toyota wrecking solutions. Whether it’s sourcing a specific part or responsibly recycling your old Toyota, Taha Auto Group is your nationwide ally in Toyota car wrecking.

FAQs for the Taha Auto Group’s Toyota Wreckers services:

What models of Toyota do you accept for wrecking?  

We accept a wide range of Toyota models for wrecking, including popular ones like the Corolla, Camry, RAV4, Hilux, and many more.

How quickly can I get a quote for my Toyota vehicle? 

You can get a quote quickly by calling us at 0800 110 396 or filling out the form on our website with your vehicle details.

Do you offer cash for all Toyota vehicles, regardless of their condition?

Yes, we offer competitive cash offers for Toyota vehicles in any condition, even those that are not running or are in poor shape.

Can I buy used Toyota parts from you?

Absolutely! We have a large inventory of used Toyota parts for various models. You can inquire about specific parts by contacting us.

How does the Toyota Scrap Car Removal process work?

Our Toyota Scrap Car Removal service is free. We will arrange a time to pick up your vehicle and take care of all the necessary paperwork for you.

Do you provide services outside of Auckland?

Yes, we offer our wrecking and parts services NZ-wide, including in Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch.

Is the vehicle wrecking process environmentally friendly? 

 Yes, we follow eco-friendly wrecking practices to minimize environmental impact, recycling parts and disposing of waste responsibly.

How do I know if the used parts are reliable? 

 All our used parts are thoroughly inspected to ensure they meet quality standards. We also provide a warranty for added peace of mind.

What paperwork do I need to sell my Toyota to you? 

 You’ll need your ID and proof of ownership for the vehicle. We’ll handle the rest of the paperwork for you.

How long does the entire process of selling my Toyota take?

The process is quick and efficient. Once you contact us and we agree on a price, we can typically complete the transaction within 24 hours.

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