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    truck batteries

    Used and Best Second Hand Truck Batteries in Auckland NZ

    We at TAHA auto provide wide range of high-quality heavy-duty starter batteries for trucks and commercial vehicles. You can find a full range of heavy duty commercial batteries for trucks, tractors that are long lasting and survivable. Used truck batteries majorly include calcium hybrid batteries along with sealed maintenance free truck batteries with vibration resistance and heavy duty construction.

    If they have any question related to second hand truck batteries, they could always initiate the conversation via email/online chatting/ ping us at watsapp, we are always there to reply to you and we would love to be at your service immediately. You can also call us directly on our registered telephone number on our website, just in case if we are not able to reach you at the moment

    We have in Stock Batteries of:

    Choose the Best Second Hand Truck Batteries

    Choosing the best second hand truck batteries for your truck is the best idea as it will keep on increasing the life of the truck. If you want the longest rides on the roads of Auckland, then you have to keep on replacing the old batteries with the new one. We are having wide spread business in the batteries replacement and we deals in all types of truck batteries at the reasonable prices.

    Customers Don’t have to WORRY!!!

    You do not have to worry about coming to our yards and getting your batteries changed.  Our team will come at your place and will replace your old batteries with the new one. All the formalities will be completed by our team. You just have to sit back and check the process of batteries changing. The truck batteries changing process will be smooth. With superior quality batteries you can have more deliveries made more on time with no hassle and dassle, you will have more miles to cover and we will be having more happy customers.


    A new car battery has plenty of charge to run the car, but it won’t be a problem to keep the battery on a charger. If you are storing the car battery, charge it every 2 months to keep it running.

    We give warranty of almost 6 months on the branded battery and 3 months on the aftermarket batteries for truck batteries. Our customers are taking the batteries from us since very long and they have not faced any problem yet.

    There is no as such lifeline for truck batteries. All the batteries that you purchase from TAHA auto are fully inspected and checked, so you need to be assure of a good lifeline for your battery.