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Used Ute tyre

We Wide List of Used Truck Tyres in Auckland NZ

We have Second Hand Truck Tyres of:

Toyota truck tyres, Ford truck tyres, Mazda tyres, Mazda Scrum tyres, Tata Ace tyres, Mitsubishi Minicab tyres, Subaru Sambar tyres, light truck tyres (panel truck, pick-up truck, panel truck), medium truck tyres (Ford F-650, Delivery truck), large truck tyres (dump truck, garbage truck etc). We are having the tyres of every brand’s model also like in Toyota we have Camry tyres, corolla tyres, Etios tyres etc. Likewise we have tyres for each and every brand’s model.  You can find all the tyres for all the brands and their respective models.

Wide range of tyres

We are having tyres in a wide range from 12 inch to 24 inches. You can get any tyre anytime. You have to tell our customer care team before getting the booking for tyres with higher inch. If you want to go for all the 4tyres replacement then it would be better if you could teel us, as we would be able to bring and arrange for those tyres.


Save up to 70% on Used Truck tyres

All the customers must be aware of the simple fact that the truck tyres are heavy and thus they are costly. Some tyres are so expensive that customer cannot think of tyre replacement. Sometimes, the 4 tyres replacement is more costly than taking the second hand truck. We offer tyres at comparatively low price than others. We always try to give maximum offer to our customers, keeping them in profit. You can save up to 70%. If you purchase the tyres from us for both second hand tyres or brand new tyres. 


All the paperwork will be done when our towing truck arrives at your location. If you are at the given location, a valid ID is required to complete the paperwork.

Yes, absolutely. We always try to give maximum offer to our customers, keeping them in profit. You can save up to 70%.

When replacing only two tyres on your vehicle, new tires should always be placed on the rear of the vehicle. We are able to gie you as many tyres as you want. We are comfortable in giving all the four tyes or even one if you asked so.