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Used and Second Hand Tyres in Auckland NZ

TAHA Auto is Auckland’s top second hand tyres retailer and is proudly owned and operated by us from years. TAHA Auto has stores in Auckland and its immediate suburbs. We are a team of over more than 100 people dedicated to making your tyre buying easy and convenient.

With over more than 100000 tyres available to buy online we are Auckland’s largest online tyre retailer. TAHA auto has been helping vehicle owners with tyres for more than a decade, so we know what tyres you should have on your car.

What we are best at:

We have created the largest network of used tyre fitting location in the Auckland.  You can always be sure that we are in your vicinity and we are just one call away. We are open towards both phone and online dealing. We also will manage the selling of second hand tyres according to your time availability. Whether you are looking for tyres for your car, van SUV or 4×4, we can help. From entry level tyres to high performance tyres, you will find that we are very competitively priced. We offer really big discounts on big brands or cheap tyres and big discounts on top brands. 


Look for tyres that excel in tests for braking and handling.Choosing a vehicle tyre depends on where you live, weather and terrain issues, what performance expectations you have, and what your vehicle requires.

Vehicle and tyre maintenance is a good investment because it translates into optimum driving performance, significant cost saving along with better fuel mileage.

Vibration is the indication of problems arising in your car and that car needs attention. The tyre steering and suspension system should be checked to help determine the possible cause and correction of the vibration. If left unattended, the vibration could cause excessive tyre wear and tear and could be dangerous.

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