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What is the Process of Car Recycling

Car Recycling Process
After successful running of cars during their life they serve the owner and after that, they become a good source of spare parts. Car wrecking industry is on a boom as it is providing a very good solution for such people who are fed up with the expenses associated with their junk car. Once they become dull and damaged, all you can do to them is sell them and get good cash out of them.
During recycling, it has to be taken care of the environment-friendly and safe process ensuring the safe disposal of scrap car. Salvaging and recycling of scrap car takes lot of machine input so as to dispose the cars, responsibly and in eco-friendly way. The process is in itself a complete process and includes majorly 3 steps. Following are the main steps involved:
1. De-pollution: During the de-polluting step, all the hazardous parts and chemicals are safely removed to meet the safe environment requirement. Acid containing parts like batteries fluids and any other items which could have a negative environmental impact are taken out and disposed safely. People and environment safety is a major concern for a healthy living hence de-polluting step is really important and completed in the safest way.
2. Dismantling: After the completion of devolution, it goes through second step i.e. dismantling which involves scrapping out each and every functional and operational part from the car. All the functional and operational parts are taken out and are sold to the needy customers. Rest is not touched and they would be recycled along with the damaged car. Dismantled cars are stored on the concrete surface until they are crushed.
3. Crushing and recycling: The last process is destruction which starts with the deconstruction of the scrap car and crushing the metal shell of the car and transported to the metal mill. During the destruction process, it goes through magnetic separation, detaining, melting etc. Followed by recycling of multiple other parts like recycling of catalytic converters, car tire recycling, glass recycling etc.
Car recycling experts know how to wreck scrap and crush vehicles. Car recycling doesn’t mean just removing a few parts from the vehicle and scrapping the vehicle. It means an eco-friendly car recycle that is extremely beneficial for the environment as well as the customer. Depending on different factors like the weight and amount of metals present and overall weight and size of the vehicle, the selling amount of scrap car depends. It could be worth real good cash up to $8999. Give us a call today at 0800 110 396 or get the online free quote and we’ll make you an offer on your scrap, accidental, wrecked car.

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