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Car Removal in Auckland

Taha Auto’s scrap car removal in Auckland service gives the best payments along with fastest, most convenient car removal in Auckland. Our ongoing market competitors may offer you free car removal, but they will charge you for the car removal and for towing services calling them the hidden charges. Some amount will get deducted from the final cash portraying it cost cutting for their services keeping you in loss. Our free car removal is the mandatory service to all car owners in Auckland that sell their cars to us. We are a removal company that can remove one car or multiple cars with zero/no towing charges that want to give you the fair price and quick removal of your car/truck. Call us today at 0800110396 or get a free quote.

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Unwanted and Scrap Car Removal

TAHA Auto will come to you to tow away your unwanted car, leaving you with pocketful of cash. There will be no towing costs and no hassle involved. We reach your home or the place where the vehicle is kept and will tow it away within couple of hours. If you wish that we should arrive on the same day, you can ask us to come to your location and we will show up accordingly. Get quick access of cash up to $8999 on the spot. TAHA Auto pay the highest cash possible for all the cars and are happy to pick up your old, beat up scrap cars and put $8999 money in your pockets.

Our Customers Can Rely on us Due to

  • 24*7 Scrap Car Removals in all areas of Auckland
  • Work on weekends and nights
  • Best and highest cash for car removal services
  • Fast plus Friendly car removal Service
  • Free pick up and towing
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Get Cash in Return of Scrap Car

What if you give your rusty scrapped car and never get paid? But with TAHA auto, you need not to worry. You will get paid instantly on the spot. Once the protocol is done, you can go taking your cash with a smile. Our protocol includes thorough checking of your vehicle and once we are done doing the checking and evaluating the actual value of your car, you will get the liquid cash within an hour. Once we check all the papers of your car; your car gets tow away. You do not have to wait for getting the cash. Our team experts will hand over your money once they are done reviewing your car and towing it away.

Free Pick Up Plus Towing Services

There will be no extra hidden cost involved in the deal. There are some companies who include hidden charges for pick up and towing away your scarp car. Their main intention is to make profit out of it. They do not want that their customers should get more. We have the strict policy of following the rules as customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Instant and free pick up will be arranged for your damaged and dull scrapped SUV/Car/ Truck. Our team will come to your place to pick up the vehicle and tow it in the towing truck. You can call us at our registered mobile number any time during the day or even in night. We are always there to give you our mind-blowing services.

Along with this we also help our customers with free paper work help from the Ministry of Transport


Typically, TAHA auto can provide car owners selling their cars to us within a few hours of their accepting our cash quotes. We try to approach you within 24-48 hours once you talk to us.

All the paperwork will be done by our team appraisers and members when our towing truck arrives at your location. If you are at the given location, a valid ID is required to complete the paperwork.

In most of the cases, you do not need to be present. You just need to leave the keys of the garage and you can go for your normal routine. If there is any case, area where you need to be present because they will not let the cars tow away without you, then you have to present there.