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Mazda Wreckers Auckland, NZ

At Taha Auto Group, Auckland's leading Mazda wreckers, we specialize in buying Mazda vehicles for efficient wrecking and recycling. Our expertise as Mazda Wreckers Auckland ensures you get top-dollar for your vehicle with a process that's as hassle-free as it is rewarding. Whether selling or seeking used parts, experience unparalleled service at Taha Auto Group.

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Mazda Wrecker

Mazda Wrecker Auckland

As Mazda wreckers Auckland, Taha Auto Group has over 15+ years of experience dismantling Mazda vehicles of all models and also buys, sells, and ships used car parts nationwide, including key regions like Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch. We are the leading Car Wreckers Auckland. Call us at 0800 110 396 for all your Mazda parts needs & Scrap Mazda Vehicle.

Our Mazda Wrecking Process

We source late model Mazdas from insurance auctions, dealership trade-ins and private sellers. Vehicles ranging from low mileage used Mazdas to crashed / damaged models.

Upon arrival at our yard, our technicians thoroughly assess each Mazda to determine which parts can be salvaged. We carefully remove the reusable Mazda parts by hand to avoid damaging them. This includes body panels, engines, transmissions, electronics and interior parts.

The salvaged Mazda components are then inspected, cleaned and organised on our shelving racks according to part type. All parts are clearly labelled with details like model, year and variant fitment.

We recycle, reuse or safely dispose of non-salvageable parts. This helps minimise waste and environmental impact. It also keeps the prices of our recycled Mazda parts affordable.

Why Choose Taha Auto Group?

There are many reasons to choose Taha Auto Group when in need of affordable premium Mazda parts in Auckland and NZ:

Leading Specialists in Mazda Wrecking and Purchasing

Taha Auto Group, with over 15+ years in the business, is Auckland's foremost expert in Mazda wrecking. We not only dismantle a wide range of Mazda models but also offer competitive cash offers for Mazda vehicles, making us a one-stop solution for Mazda owners.

Competitive Pricing

We specialize in providing high-quality Mazda parts salvaged from a variety of sources, including end-of-life vehicles. This allows us to offer parts at substantially lower prices than new OEM components. Additionally, we provide cash for Mazda vehicles, offering a financially beneficial option for owners looking to sell or dispose of their Mazdas.

Exceptional Customer Service with Nationwide Reach

Our commitment to exceptional customer service is reflected in our knowledgeable staff who provide accurate information and quotes for Mazda parts. We also emphasize quick, efficient nationwide shipping, ensuring Mazda owners across New Zealand have access to our services.

Comprehensive Range of Parts with Extended Warranties

As leading Mazda wreckers in Auckland, we dismantle thousands of vehicles annually, resulting in New Zealand's most extensive range of Mazda parts. We back our reconditioned parts, like engines and gearboxes, demonstrating our confidence in their quality and longevity.

Get Cash for Mazda Car up to $8999

Looking to sell your Mazda car and get cash in hand? Look no further. At Taha Auto Group, we offer cash for Mazda cars in any condition. Whether your Mazda is running or not, we will provide a fair and competitive cash offer upto $8999. As Mazda car wreckers, we accept all makes and models of Mazda vehicles, including the Mazda Demio, Mazda Axela, Mazda Carol, Mazda Scrum, and more.

With Taha Auto Group, you can easily sell your Mazda car and get paid on the spot. We have a wide network of Mazda wrecking yards, allowing us to provide convenient and efficient service to customers in Auckland and the surrounding areas. Our process is simple and hassle-free. Just give us a call at 0800 110 396 or fill out our online form to get a free quote for your Mazda car.

Mazda 3 Wrecking

“We specialize in buying Mazda cars for wrecking and recycling purposes.”

Once you accept our offer, our team will handle all the paperwork and logistics of the car removal process. We will come to your location with towing trucks and pick up your unwanted Mazda car. Whether your car is damaged, non-functional, or simply no longer needed, we will take it off your hands and ensure it is disposed of properly and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Customer Testimonials: Hear What Our Satisfied Clients Say

Used Mazda Parts Available at Taha Auto Group

When seeking top-quality used Mazda parts, look no further than Taha Auto Group. Our extensive inventory caters to a variety of Mazda models, ensuring you find exactly what you need. From engines and transmissions to suspension components and electrical parts, every item is meticulously inspected and tested to guarantee reliability and performance. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or a Mazda enthusiast, our selection has something for everyone.

Our well-organized Mazda wrecking yard is a treasure trove for Mazda parts, including popular models like the Mazda Demio, Axela, Carol, Scrum, Flair Wagon, Flair, CX-3, CX-4, CX-5, and CX-8. Our knowledgeable staff are always ready to assist in pinpointing the perfect part for your specific model, ensuring a seamless experience. You can easily pick a Mazda part with our expert guidance.

We take pride in our expansive selection of used Mazda parts, enabling our customers to find exactly what they need while saving significantly compared to purchasing new components.

Mazda wreckers yard

Advantages of Choosing Taha Auto Group for Used Mazda Parts

  • Extensive Range: From the compact Mazda Demio to the spacious Mazda CX-8, our inventory covers a wide array of models.
  • Quality Assurance: Each part undergoes rigorous inspection and testing for optimal performance.
  • Expert Assistance: Our experienced staff provide personalized support to help you select the perfect part.
  • Cost-Effective: Enjoy competitive prices, making repairs and upgrades more affordable.
  • Eco-Friendly: Choosing used parts contributes to a more sustainable environment.

Choosing Taha Auto Group for your Mazda parts needs means you’re opting for dependable parts, unmatched service, and attractive pricing. Reach out to us today to inquire about our available used Mazda parts or to request a quote for your Mazda vehicle. Experience the Taha Auto Group difference where quality meets affordability.


Can I sell any model of Mazda car to Taha Auto Group?

Yes, we accept all makes and models of Mazda vehicles, including the Mazda Demio, Mazda Axela, Mazda Carol, Mazda Scrum, and more.

Do I need to have my Mazda running to sell it to Taha Auto Group?

No, we offer cash for Mazda cars in any condition, whether they are running or not.

How does the car removal process work?

Our team will come to your location with towing trucks and all the necessary paperwork. We will pick up your unwanted Mazda car and tow it away to our Mazda wrecking yard.

What happens to my Mazda car after it is picked up?

We salvage any usable parts from your Mazda before recycling the rest of the vehicle in an environmentally friendly manner.

Can I get cash for my Mazda car?

Yes, we offer top dollars for every model of Mazda, providing you with a fair and competitive cash offer.

Does Taha Auto Group offer used Mazda parts?

Yes, we have a wide selection of used Mazda parts available in our Mazda wrecking yard. All parts are thoroughly inspected and tested for quality.

How does Taha Auto Group ensure responsible car disposal?

We handle hazardous substances in Mazda vehicles and dispose of them in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

What makes Taha Auto Group a reliable company?

We pride ourselves on providing professional and convenient service, handling all paperwork and logistics for a hassle-free car selling experience.

Can Taha Auto Group wreck and recycle car brands other than Mazda? 

Yes, in addition to Mazda vehicles, we also specialize in wrecking and recycling a variety of other popular car brands in New Zealand. This includes, but is not limited to, Toyota, Ford, Holden, Nissan, and Honda.

What types of vehicles from other brands do you accept?

We accept a wide range of vehicles from these brands, including sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, and trucks, irrespective of their model or year.

Do Taha Auto Group buy, sell, and ship used car parts across New Zealand?

Yes, Taha Auto Group actively buys and sells a wide range of used car parts for various vehicle brands. We offer an extensive selection of quality-tested parts for sale and provide competitive prices for parts you wish to sell. Our comprehensive shipping service covers all of New Zealand, with a strong focus on main regions including Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch, ensuring convenience and efficiency for our customers nationwide.

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