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    Mazda Car Wreckers Auckland NZ

    Know the Worth of Your Scrap Mazda Car Auckland

    Got an old Mazda car that you want to get rid of but aren’t sure how? You do not know whom to approach and the worth of your scrap car? We have an easy solution. Get it removed by TAHA team. Call Mazda car wreckers Auckland today at 0800110396 and talk to our auto appraisers telling them the condition of your scrap Mazda car and get to know the actual worth of your car. You can also get the free quote by filling out the “Get A Free Quote” form on our website. Following these methods you can know the value of your scrap car. We are the best Mazda wreckers in the town and so we provide you with the best cash for cars possible.

    Mazda Car Wreckers in Auckland

    TAHA Auto car wrecking services is an easy way to avoid the hassle of trying to sell or trade in an old Mazda car that you just want to be done with. Even if you can’t drive your car to bring it to our car wrecking yards, you can call us and our team will arrive at your location with the towing trucks and all the necessary paperwork. TAHA team will pick up your unwanted car, whether it runs or not, and tow it away to our yards for further wrecking and recycling process. We will put cash up to $8999 in your hand for your junk or scrap car.

    Get top dollars for every model

    Give us a call today at our registered phone number 0800110396 and get the value on your wrecked Mazda removal in Auckland.   We accept all the makes and models of Mazda and offers up to $8999 on the spot.

    • Mazda Demio
    • Mazda Axela
    • Mazda Carol
    • Mazda Scrum
    • Mazda Flair wagon
    • Mazda Flair
    • Mazda CX-3
    • Mazda CX-4
    • Mazda CX-5
    • Mazda CX-8
    Hazardous Materials are Disposed

    We are the best car removal company in Auckland. Scarp and damaged cars contain a wide range of hazardous substances, including acids, lubricants and chemicals that are at a serious fire risk, that can cause environmental damage and pose a health risk when they are disposed in the environment. TAHA Auto is able to deal with these materials by disposing them off so that the environmental impact is reduced.

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    With TAHA Auto car wrecking services, the only finger you lift to get your car sold is dialing our number 0800110396 for a cash quote. Being the top Mazda wreckers in Auckland, we make selling your car of any make and condition, nice and easy as we do all the heavy work like prepping the Mazda car load  and thus removing the car. When you contact us via the online quite or calling our auto appraisers, you have a team that lets you sit back, doing all the paperwork. When you contact us, you contact a professional car wrecking company that is helping you out in getting your vehicle removed from your location without any headache or hassle.


    You will have to give us a call at our registered number to discuss an expired quote.

    We take all the makes and models of all the Mazda. We are not biased or partial towards any of the model.

    No, your Mazda car doesn’t need to be running. We will pay $8999 for every type of scrap, broke, damaged Mazda car. To get a free quote you can call us at our phone number 0800110396

    Our cash paying pattern is simple and convenient. You can be assured that we will try to reach within 24 hours once you accept the car removal deal.

    After getting the genuine evaluation of your vehicle, you will get the money hand to hand on the car removal day.