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What’s Scrap Is Not Crap: Its Worth Thousand Dollars


What’s Scrap Is Not Crap: Its Worth Thousand Dollars

We are the car removal company who wants to give with the best payments along with fastest, most convenient services. We are a decade old in the car removal business with esteemed reputation. We are taking all sorts of vehicles like cars, trucks, SUVs etc.  Some car removal companies only pay a few hundred dollars for the car removal or in car exchange. They won’t pay you the actual worth of the car.

We buy the cars that other car removal companies won’t touch

There are many car wrecking companies that are biased towards taking any model. Either they do not accept the lavish brands or they are partial towards taking the specific models on the individual brands. We at TAHA Auto are not biased at all. We are taking all the models of every respective brand. We are having the tendency and policy of buying all the damaged cars whether they are running or not. We are taking the brands like Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, BMW, Mercedes, and Mitsubishi etc. We take Malaysian, Japanese and European trucks also.

Cash for car in Auckland

Cars that are severely damaged are difficult to be sold. It is really hard for them to find the right buyer who will give good cash in return of the scrap car. This type of situation   creates a dilemma in the owner’s mind that what to do next? They wander how quick they would be able to sell off their car without making much effort. We at TAHA Auto make car removal an easy and effortless process for you. We are the car buyers that will pay cash for all the makes, models and condition of the cars.

Count the Highest cash possible

There are many options for removal the scrap car including car dismantling, car disposal. The best option of getting good cash for your car is getting it removed by our help. We at TAHA Auto will give best cash all around Auckland. You can see numerous companies and you can compare the ongoing market prices. We are having the policy of paying the cash on the spot. You will get 6500$ on the spot.

Value of scrap metals

Sometimes, the sole worth of the car lies in its scrap metal value. When we got a car that is beyond repair, then we usually go for car metal crushing as the sheer value of car comes from its scrap metal. The cash that the car buyers will pay you will be based on the car’s weight. Scrap metal prices are constantly changing. So, the total worth of your car depends n the metal in your scrap car.

Free pick up plus towing services

There will be no extra hidden cost involved in the deal in the name of pick up and towing away your scrap car. Instant and free pick up will be arranged for your damaged and dull scrapped SUV/Car/ Truck. Our team will come to your place to pick up the vehicle and tow it in the towing truck. You can call us at our registered number 0800110396 any time during the day or even in night. We are always there to provide you with our mind-blowing services.   With TAHA Auto, your scrap car can be wrecked and give you thousands of dollars. Get a free quote today either by visiting our website or calling us. You can ask us to remove any sort of car whether its engine is dead or its body is rusted, etc. We will take the cars in all the possible and worst conditions. You can get good amount of cash against your scrap car that you will give us. We can give you 6500$ on the spot. Call us today to get a free quote via filling an online questionnaire form or by calling at our registered number 0800110396.

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