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It is indeed a tough choice to make when one is provided with too many options that apparently display the same qualities and when most of the options don’t really show any faults but finally when it comes to making a decision one must be well informed in every possible aspect in order to avoid any blemishes to their expectation of finding the best alternative.

Going forth, there are not one but many competitors in the field of Car Wreckers in Auckland who are constantly engaged in establishing their supremacy over each other BUT after a careful consideration of the various factors we have arrived at the conclusion of who are actually the best Car Wreckers in Auckland …… and undoubtedly the answer to that question is ‘Taha Auto Group’

Below we are enumerating a number of reasons what made us reach this conclusion and what all factors we considered before choosing Taha Auto Group as the best among a plethora of other companies involved in the business. Let’s take a look:-


When a car is sent to a wrecker the responsibility of the seller of the car ends as soon as he hands over the possession to the wrecker and the responsibility of the wrecker company begins that instant, however it must be noted that not all Car Wreckers in Auckland have the kind of professional ethics to employ responsible disposal practice. This might not seem like something that is of any concern to the seller once he is done selling the car to the wreckers but every such car sent to an unprofessional wrecking company, not following the norms laid out in respect of responsible disposal practice, is adding heaps of trouble to not only to the environment but are also tarnishing the image of those that are religiously following the practice.

Unlike many of the Car Wreckers in Auckland ‘Taha Auto Group’ is not only practicing Responsible disposal but also, it has been the first of the Car Wreckers in Auckland to employ responsible disposal practice in their business. This fact in itself tells depicts the professional ethics and the sincerity of the company, not only towards their business but also towards the environment.


Has it ever happened to you? That you searched for a Car Wreckers in Auckland, chose one that suited you, only to find out later that they don’t buy the cars of the make and model that you are willing to sell. Frustrating isn’t it? But now you can make the right choice by considering the fact that ‘Taha Auto Group’ deals in cars of all makes and models and also assures you the best deal out of your old scrap car.


Another truth about the Car Wreckers in Auckland that most of them ONLY deal in wrecking cars and are not diversified in their approach, while same is not the case with ‘Taha Auto Group’  as they not only deal in car wrecking but truck wrecking, cash for trucks and truck wrecking as well. It is this diversified approach of Taha that has made them one the most influential name among Car Wreckers in Auckland. It is a one-stop solution to all your needs as far as car or truck removal and sale is concerned.


Time is never a constraint for the professionals at ‘Taha Auto Group’. They are always service ready, which is also the reason why they have always received customer appreciation for being available when they are needed the most. Furthermore, the team at ‘Taha Auto Group’ are well known for their prompt response and quick transaction speed which always keeps their customers satisfied and encourages them not only to opt for their services every time they are in need but also to refer their acquaintances for the same.


It is undoubtedly important to follow the norms and procedure when one is selling his/her car but the problem arises when a query is encountered by the concerned person and no sufficient resolution is provided for the same by the company so approached. However, the work culture at ‘Taha Auto Group’ grooms its professionals in a manner that makes them most consumer-friendly professionals and are vested with nothing but one duty ‘Optimum Customer Satisfaction’. Professionals at Taha walk you through the paperwork carefully, tending to all your queries and resolving the same at the spot to ensure a transparent and hassle-free completion of the formalities.


The list is never ending why they are indeed the best Car Wreckers in Auckland but to sum it all up, it is absolutely correct to suggest that ‘Taha Auto Group’ provides the paramount level of services to their customers and tend to their needs first and foremost. Furthermore, the quotes for the vehicles are undoubtedly the best price one can retrieve from his/her scrap car or truck (as suggested by the customer reviews) needless to mention the time-bound performance of the professionals and on the spot payment policy of the company which ultimately leads to more happy clients and widespread reputation. Furthermore, apart from car and truck wrecking services, ‘Taha Auto Group’ also deals in used auto parts of a number of car companies, which not only provides the customers with a wide variety of products to choose from but also at an affordable price

The above-noted points will help you differentiate between what the other companies are “trying” to do and what ‘Taha Auto Group’ excels at doing, owing to their years and years of experience in the field and a profusion of happy and satisfied clients

We hope this helps in making the best choice!!

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